Expectations About Paragliding Flight Instruction
Midnight Sun Paragliding, LLC

Revised 4/1/12

What you can expect from your instructor:

Paragliding is more recreation than sport, your instructor will keep the lessons fun while teaching the important skills to keep you safe.
Lessons typically last about 3-4 hours, you can expect to be tired by the end.
Your instructor is certified by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) and will meet, and usually exceed their requirements for your pilot certification.
Your textbook and written training materials will be provided when you sign up for training
Each lesson will include some textbook review and reading homework, though often may be postponed until the weather does not accommodate flying.
We begin with flat-ground inflations and equipment familiarization
Each lesson will include three key points and various associated tasks and weather discussion
Your instructor will ensure you have proper equipment and progress you at a suitable pace.

What your instructor will expect from you:

Have fun while you’re learning to fly – life’s better when you’re having fun, you’ll learn faster, and you’ll retain the information longer.
Paragliding is an exciting and unique activity that requires little physical strength or dexterity. Nevertheless, your training will demand a certain amount of hiking, running, lifting, and spatial awareness. If any physical limitations may inhibit your ability to perform any of these let your instructor know immediately.
You will be expected to call your instructor to arrange for each lesson and be available for most flying days.
Arrange at least a day in advance before each lesson and confirm a few hours before heading the session.
Bring with you to each lesson:
Comfortable hiking boots
Suitable (warm) clothing
Textbook, training record, and flight log book
Food and water

The USHPA beginner rating (P1) allows for free flight only under the supervision of an instructor. This rating is appropriate for only a few occasional pilots (like rock legend Steven Tyler) who want an instructor with them at all times. The Novice (P2) training takes the pilots through all the basic skills development required to fly solo in most flyable conditions. The Midnight Sun Paragliding, LLC training program is geared toward those who have had enough exposure to paragliding to know that they want to continue through novice pilot training and are prepared to purchase equipment immediately.

While MSP provides training gear, there is no substitute for learning with the gear you will ultimately be flying with, therefore gear will be ordered, secured with a 50% deposit, no later than the end of your first days’ training. Training gear will be provided until your equipment arrives (up to 8 weeks). There will be only 2-3 suitable paragliders and harnesses and your instructor will provide you the choices. Used equipment is almost always someone else’s junk so save your money. Apart from color, the differences between the paragliders that your instructor recommends will be too subtle for all but the most experienced pilot to notice.

Timing and prices to expect* (in the end, comparable to the cost of a snow machine and the least expensive aircraft you can buy!):

Novice Rating: $1600 instruction fee ~ 6-12 weeks (weather and scheduling dependant)
$ 79 annual USHGA membership
$ 20 Arctic Air Walker membership
$ 15 USHGA rating fee
12-15 lessons including flat-ground inflation practice
25 training hill flights minimum

Approximate Equipment Costs: Paraglider $ 3500
(Mandatory equipment) Harness $ 900
Reserve $ 650

* Alaska’s unpredictable weather dictates, in a large part, the training schedule. Training usually lasts all summer (May-Aug) and sometimes extends into the next spring depending on weather, personal schedules, and student progression.

Phone or email: Jake Schlapfer (907) 240-5420

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