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Midnight Sun Paragliding is a proudly authorized dealer for the following distributors,
manufacturers and industry leaders in paragliding equipment.

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Since 1998 Super Fly has been the largest importer and distributor of paragliders and paragliding equipment in North America. We travel the world to identify the best brands and models for the US Paragliding population. Then, we work closely with the manufacturers that we represent in order to develop products for the US market. The result - we outfit our customers with the best paragliding equipment available in the world. 801-255-9595

The revolutionary new Zenith

The world's first CNC-machined paramotor with enhanced chassis geometry and in-flight manoeuvrability.

Strap on the new Zenith and suddenly, it's clear. A paramotor manufactured by robots to give unrivalled precision and consistency in its production, coupled with launch and in-flight geometry so precise, that it feels like an extension of your body.

The new Zenith is the future of paramotoring and capable of so much more than you ever imagined.

The design of every Parajet component has been optimised for form and function; from the unique extruded aluminium cage and chassis which is the strongest on the market, right through to our fuel tanks. Each component is designed and manufactured in-house by Parajet for Parajet pilots. This is why our machines are not only great to look at but amazing to fly.

Parajet's attention to detail is unrivalled. The meticulous assembly procedures and small batch production, ensures the highest level of quality and safety controls. Every engine is fine tuned and run up in our test cell before shipment. When your new paramotor arrives on the doorstep you can simply open the box and start flying.  That being said, make sure you get quality instruction prior to flying. Midnight Sun Paragliding can provide you that training. Parajet is the Paramotor of choice by Redbull Airforce Pilots Chris Santacroce and Othar Lawrence.

Flytec USA is the exclusive North American distributor of Flytec Instruments and we have been providing the best flying instruments with the best service in the world for over 15 years.
Our customer service, technical support, and next day turnaround repair is legendary in sport aviation. Flytec instruments are #1 in the world and #1 in the US, they have been used for more world records than any other instrument, they are the choice all of the current US national champions, many world champions, NASA, aerospace contractors and parachute designers and the Breitling Orbiter III.
We are confident that when you consider all of the features, benefits and service you will choose Flytec, too. We encourage you to talk to your fellow pilots and instructors about our products and service and to call us toll free (800.662.2449) with any of your questions.

The new Ascent vario version H1 is ready. It shares with the previous model's intuitive and easy to use menu structure, the audio feedback (beeps) and altitude information. Ascent has listened carefully to pilot feedback and many suggestions were implemented in the new model which has taken on a whole new look. 

The most important new feature is an integrated full functioning GPS capability, giving you real time ground speed, heading, glide ratio, auto altitude calibration, and IGC and KML compliant track logs using their own user interface. Other significant improvements have been realized in better battery management, better resistance against humidity and improved electronics. This variometer rock!.  Check it out!

Gin Yeti Advance Pi

Gin Verso

Your purchase from Midnight Sun Paragliding LLC includes:

  • The opportunity to try a variety of makes and models and advice on which paraglider best suits you individual needs
  • Assistance with repairs, replacement lines, inspections, warranties, or a loaner glider should you need one.
  • Demo opportunities on new makes and models of harnesses and gliders, etc.
  • The opportunity to trade in, or sell your used Paraglider.
Call for current wing availability. We can order new equipment at any time and you NEVER pay for domestic shipping.