Carr-Gottstein Park (Anchorage)

looking south toward Kenai

looking east toward Girdwood

Looking West toward Point Campbell

Launch: 30’ MSL
LZ: 0’ MSL (training and kiting area)
Vertical: 30’
Horizontal: NA

Right: Entrance from Discovery Bay Drive

Site Description:
Discovery Point is newly acquired city of Anchorage property that extends out into Cook Inlet in such a manner that it provides great opportunity for laminar kiting and short flight. Students are likely to leave the ground for the first time here.

Works Best When:

90 - 270 degrees for kiting. 180 at 12-15 mph may be soarable.


Waterproof hiking boots for the boggy LZ

Potential Hazards:

Muddy areas, small trees and uneven footing below the main grassy area. Boggy areas to the east and west may contain deep sloughs (DO NOT land in the sloughs as they may be life threatening!)

This site description is by no means meant to be complete.  Contact a local pilot for a briefing before flying any site and fly within your USHGA rating limits.

Getting There:

East on International Airport Road

2.1 miles

South (right) on Minnesota which will gradually turn east and approach C street

4.0 miles

Right at C Street, continue around curve (road becomes Klatt, crosses Timberlane)

2.1 miles

Left on Discovery Bay Drive

200 yards

Park where your vehicle is safe and walk through the faux brick entrance, to site

400 yards