Bodenburg Butte

Launch: 650’-750’ MSL
LZ: 50’ MSL
Vertical: 600-700’
Horizontal: 600’ to (1:1 Glide)

Site Description:

Grassy ridges near rock bluffs and butte benches provide ridge soaring in the Palmer Valley. 2-5 gliders can set up depending on launch direction. Landing in Mr Sandvik's hay field; Looking south from launch area, it is the field on the left side of the road across the street from the trail head, behind the quaint little house with the beautiful yard.

Work Best When:

6-10 mph winds, Occasional thermal conditions.


Must have strong launch skills to be safe.
Must avoid landing at the reindeer farm across the street.
Ken Sandvik gave us permission to land in his field. Please respect his crops. If the hay is high, carry your glider to a clear area to fold it up, so the hay won't get tramped down too much.

Potential Hazards:

  • Most launches are above or next to shear rock bluffs.
  • Rotors near south side of butte over small bowl with a pond.
  • Winds can be gusty or span a wide velocity range in cycles of varying length.
  • Drastic sink zones over bowl area, tall trees, power lines on both sides of the road and fences in fields.
  • Rowdy wind gradient across field. Spot landings can be difficult.

Getting There from Anchorage International Airport:

East on International Airport Road

2.1 miles

North (left) on Minnesota to Tudor
0.4 miles
East (right) on Tudor which becomes Muldoon (after six miles) as it turns North
9.0 miles
Right on the Glen Highway, continue past Eagle River & Eklutna
±35 Miles
Right on Old Glen Highway exit
14 miles
Left on Bodenburg Butte Road at flashing yellow light
1.5 miles
On the right at the base of the Butte is the main trail-head.  


This site description is by no means meant to be complete.  Contact a local pilot for a briefing before flying any site and fly within your USHGA rating limits.