Horseshoe Lake (near Big Lake)

Elevation: ~100’ MSL

Site Description:

Horseshoe Lake is a towing site with access courtesy of, and by invite only from, Rick Young. A fire in 1998 cleared the area of most of the trees which allows ample room for launch and landing on Rick’s lakefront acreage.

No running water there but showers are available at the Big Lake Laundromat (continue less than a mile on Big Lake Road past the Yamaha shop)
Bring drinking water, food, and camping gear.
Please do not bring a dogs, cats, llamas, etc (good gnus okay)

Work Best When:

Morning hours with light winds from the southwest to northwest are launchable. Later in the day the winds tend to pick up, but so does XC potential. No XC has been attempted to date but cloud streets regularly develop heading north and south.


Permission from Rick Young
Good attitude
Willingness to have fun, sing around the campfire at night

Potential Hazards:

  • Some of the burned trees are still standing around the lake but there is ample room for a safe landing and alternate LZ’s around the lake.
  • Several small float planes on the lake land and take off from time to time. The pilots / neighbors are on the lookout for us as we look out for them.

Getting There from Anchorage International Airport:

East on International Airport Road

2.1 miles

North (left) on Minnesota to Tudor
0.4 miles
East (right) on Tudor which becomes Muldoon (after six miles) as it turns North
9.0 miles
Right on the Glen Highway, continue past Eagle River & Eklutna
31.4 Miles
Left on the Parks Highway through Wasilla to the Big Lake cut off at fireworks stands
17.5 miles
Left on Big Lake Road
3.3 Miles
Right on Beaver Lake Road at the Yamaha shop
1.0 Miles
2nd left on w. Lakes blvd
3.0 Miles
Right on Horseshoe Lake Road (gravel)
0.8 Miles
First driveway on the left, stay right at the Y to Rick and Christy’s place
200 yards


This site description is by no means meant to be complete.  Contact a local pilot for a briefing before flying any site and fly within your USHGA rating limits.


Phone or email: Jake Schlapfer (907) 240-5420
Midnight Sun Paragliding, LLC
Jake Schlapfer, Instructor
15101 Curvell Dr.
Anchorage, AK 99516