Lazy Mountain (Palmer)

Launch: 1,500 - 2,000’ MSL
LZ: 100’ MSL
Vertical: 1,500-2,000’
Horizontal: ± 5,000’-10,000’ to (5:1 Glide)

Site Description:

Lazy Mountain is an undeveloped mountain site. Launch options are many: Picnic table (60 minute climb) southeast launch, Raven point (90 min) south, Redondo Bluff (2 hours) west and north, upper bowl south and east, top (2.5 hours) northeast and south. Those who like to hike and check out new sites will be rewarded with an exceptional view from the top of the mountain. Ridge and thermal-ridge lift to Matanuska Peak then thermal to top (6000') attempt only when conditions are excellent, leave before you sink out.

Until the trees grew too tall, landing was in the parking area, now a farmer’s field nearby serves as the LZ, but you will need permission to land there beforehand (unless your landings are spot-on, then go to the parking lot). Respect private property and do not damage the crops on landing and packing up.

Work Best When:

Spring and summer thermals may create extended flying conditions


Permission from landowner for use of the LZ

Potential Hazards:

  • Aircraft flight path at lower elevations
  • Typical mountain cycles, abrupt fog formation possible
  • Grassy to gravel with sharp mountain rocks on launch
  • Watch for bear in the area. Make plenty of noise while hiking.
  • Hill down to parking lot icy in winter (may not get out!). Trail slick if wet.
  • Evening catabatic conditions in shade areas leading to canyons with no LZ!
  • Watch for nails in the parking area from pallet bon fires (yes, we have rednecks in AK)

Getting There from Anchorage International Airport:

East on International Airport Road

2.1 miles

North (left) on Minnesota to Tudor
0.4 miles
East (right) on Tudor which becomes Muldoon (after six miles) as it turns North
9.0 miles
Right on the Glen Highway, continue past Eagle River & Wasilla cutoff (Parks HWY)
±40 Miles
Right at second light (East Arctic), 2 miles to Clark/Wolverine Road, go left to T intersection, go right, parking a end of road. The foot trail heads 1/8 mile east to Cottonwood LZ. Take trail up hill to Launches
1500-2000 ft climb


This site description is by no means meant to be complete.  Contact a local pilot for a briefing before flying any site and fly within your USHGA rating limits.